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The best way to forget about daily routine is the communication with nature. The territory of the National Nature Park “Gomilshansky lissy” (NNP) was established in 2004 and it is one of the most interesting places for restimg and leisure in Kharkiv region. It will give you an opportunity to fully enjoy staying in the wild nature and to admire the scenery.

There are many valuable nature objects on the territory of the National Nature Park “Gomilshansky lissy”. Among them are: the greatest river of the North-Eastern Ukraine – Siversky Dinets River, unique old oak forests (some oaks are more than 400 years old) and Crimean pine plantation, a part of spruce forest and others. You can also meet wild boars, roes, deers, elks, many common and rare insects in the forest.

Besides this, the territory of NNP is incredibly rich on monuments of material culture of different archaeological eras, starting from the late Stone Age (IV century b.c.) till Kievan Rus. During Second World War hard fights took place on the territory of NNP. Graves of soviet soldiers, lots of trench remains, blindages, dugouts and other memorials are sings of that heroic period.

Remains of one of the last bastion of the freedom-loving Cossacks in Ukraine had preserved till nowadays. Real Cossack’s Saint-Nicolas monastery was established by zaporozhian Cossacks in 1648. Remains of the monastery foundation are situated on the territory of NNP “Gomilshansky lissy” in Koropovo village.

Due to the natural uniqueness, situation and natural richness this territory was interesting to many people and was popular among holidaymakers. Nowadays one of the main prioritize of Park’s work is organization of recreation which will ensure satisfaction of people needs and nature conservation concurrently.

NNP “Gomilshansky lissy” is placed near the Kharkiv city (about 50 km to South). It is easy to get here by car, bus or electric train (Balakleya, Izum, Zmiev direction). Koropove, Gaydary, Zadonetske, Kozachka, Sukha and Velyka Gomilsha – these villages of Zmiev region are peculiar borders of the Park.

On the territory of NNP you can place your tent camp, order pavilion for corporate holiday and simply come to the Park for picnic or walk in the forest. You will be admired by summer nature and winter forest landscape: amazing reflection from river water, magic green carpet of meadows, old oaks, white water lily flowers or tangled footprints of wild animals on the snow won’t remain visitors indifferent.

Ethnographic and ecological routes are available in the Park. They were designed taking into account rational nature management and care about nature. Attention of involved tourists to Ukrainian ancient times could be attracted by new route about Cossacks which is placed on Cossack hill. These excursions would be especially interesting and cognitive for school pupils and families with children.

Let’s became closer to nature and history of our region. Let’s go to forests, meadows, rivers – National Nature Park “Gomilshansky lissy” waits for you!

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